Structured Financing Structured Finance Leveraged Loans
Structured Financing Structured Finance Leveraged Loans
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Our Professional Services:

  • New Business Loans

  • Acquisition Financing

  • Corporate and Business Lines of Credit

  • Management and Leveraged Buyouts

  • Private Equity

  • PIPE Financing

  • Private Placements of Equity Capital

  • Private Placements of Debt Capital

  • Loan Restructuring and Recapitalization

Introduction To The Best Financing Sources

We have been helping companies overcome their financing problems and obtain agressive new business loans and acquisition financing since 1999. We are a resource to open the doors of financial institutions to help their clients quickly obtain their business loans - from $500,000 to $10 million and more.

Our lenders are the senior credit officers at the major banks, finance companies, pension funds, and insurance companies nationwide that can accomodate your specific financing requirements and want your business.

Our Clients Fit One Of The Following Profiles

1) A business owner or financial officer of a company being asked to leave their bank or financial institution due to finance problems such as operating losses, high leverage, negative net worth, or bankruptcy.

2) A business owner or financial officer of a company not happy with their current financial institution for a variety of reasons (such as low advance rates or a refusal to give the company additional working capital) and would like a "better" or more aggressive new credit facility with another lender who will take the time to "understand" their special needs.

3) A business owner or entrepreneur who would like to purchase a business or an additional business but is being "turned down" by financial institutions due to some financial problem such as lack of profitability, size of purchase too big, or a history of finance problems and wants to close the deal.

4) A company with finance problems who would like a valuation of their best financing options on a nationwide level from a credible, experienced and successful finance expert who has helped many similar companies achieve their financing objectives.

5) A company who would like an experienced financing expert to refinance or arrange the best new credit facilities available quickly and discreetly. A professional to bring in the best new lenders from around the country, smooth out problems that arise in the due diligence process, and make sure all contingencies are met successfully to close and fund the new financing quickly.

Summary - helping your company is our priority

We get business loans closed quickly when other advisors, consultants, and professionals fail. Your company will benefit by utilizing our expertise, credibility, and proven successful track record to assist you with all your financing requirements - and we have excellent professional references.

Please use our secure Contact Us page to tell us about your Company and your financing objectives in complete confidentiality. We review each financing request on a daily basis.

Our corporate offices are located in Newport Beach, California.

We will contact you within 24 hours. Thank you.

Managing Director

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